Jessica Alba Styles for Short Haircuts

Jessica Alba is known for her beauty and amazing sense of style. From clothes to make-up, she is always at the center of attention. Often, the pressure of this attention is too heavy for her sensitive character. The glamorous actress feels forced to wear elegant dresses to be able to amuse her fans.

Because of this heavy pressure, the famous actress is frequently forced to change her layered, short hairstyle. Miss Alba is forced to entertain the media and her fans by producing enormous masses of cute pictures of short haircut styles for women. She finds herself copied and admired but never respected for her real identity. She forces herself to play an admired actress with a round face in a new advertising campaign for promoting female hairstyling products for short haircuts and styles.

But how did the romantic Jessica Alba change from her long hair to short ? How did she find the courage to switch and move beyond her famous, long, wavy hair ? The inspiration for this change was found in the wooden meditation centers of A strong, charismatic stylist helped Jessica Alba to discover new love for the cute, short haircuts in pictures which converted Jessica into a loyal fashion follower of the new styles of short haircuts for women.

The playful Jessica Alba was ready to decorate her garden, when she noticed a group of beautiful women with short haircuts. The group was talking vividly. Their discussion was loud, strong and passionate. The now curious, Jessica could not resist to hear the reason for their loud conversation.

She approached them. She smiled politely and asked them what they were fighting about. The dark, blond women welcomed her to join their passionate discussion. The tempered women admitted that they were arguing about the social benefits of the beautiful women's haircuts for short hairstyles. The romantic Jessica Alba was surprised about the banality. She tried to exit the conversation before it was too late. She confessed that celebrity haircuts for short hair styles were not in reach for her.

The female group looked at her with a fierce look of disagreement. Jessica felt guilty and heavy. One of the beautiful women found the courage to confront her. She told her to stop searching for inspiration in the wonderful celebrity pictures and start looking into her own reality. She encouraged her to find inspiration from the normal women around her. She explained that the elegant, short hairstyles are easy to groom and very simple to style. She encouraged her to find inspiration from the new haircuts for short women of every age. She encouraged her to admire short haircuts for round faces of the strong and independent women.

Jessica Alba was amazed by the strength of those fascinating women. She began to feel weak in comparison to them. She felt that her normal style became very dull for her changed mood. She felt a need to be more exciting, more open and more progressive. She thanked politely to the female group for the conversation about the short haircut styling ideas and went back to decorating her garden.

28 days later, Jessica Alba collected enough strength for her personal change. She was reading fashion magazines until her eyes became tired. She went into a natural park near her house. She looked at every elegant woman in the park. Her legs became tired. She sat down at the grass and began to watch at a young couple near her. The couple was kissing slowly. The male part of the couple used his hands to play with his girlfriend's hair. Her cute, short, modern hairstyle was making her round face more feminine. The face of Jessica became red. She opened her French handbag. She took her camera out of the bag and secretly created a photo of the romantic couple. Her embarrassed legs began to shake. She walked away.

On the next day, Jessica Alba refused to hesitate. She went to her favorite hairdresser, because she was finally ready to change herself. The warm colors of the beauty salon were helping her to relax. She sat in a comfortable bamboo chair. A small, round table in front of her was occupied by the latest fashion magazines with the short hairstyles of celebrities whom she did not know.

The stylish hairdresser appeared in a yellow dress. He asked the name of Jessica's mother and what she wanted to become when she was a girl. Surprised, Jessica was unable to speak. She showed the hairdresser her photo of the young couple in the park. The round face of the hairdresser became red. He was impressed. He smiled at Jessica and nodded. He felt the heat of elegance.

It was done !

Refreshed Jessica Alba exited the beauty salon. Her playful husband waited outside to drive her home. He stared at her and opened his mouth without saying anything. She smiled modestly, shut his mouth with her soft hand and entered the car. She felt happy and comfortable, because she made a good decision.

On the next weekend, the young actress invited her girlfriends to her house. She wanted to get compliments for her new, short hairstyle. The girlfriends came. They admitted to love Jessica's new style. Everyone seemed to like it. They admired her cute, layered haircut and two of them rushed out to copy her and get the exact same style for themselves. What the girlfriends did not know, was that the beautiful, elegant actress has copied it before them. They did not know that Jessica Alba has copied a strong, stylish woman from the park, because she secretly wanted to be her.

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