Natural MouthWash Recipe with Cloves

This is a cheap and easy recipe for natural mouthwash with clove. Organic clove is very antiseptic and effective against bad bacteria. The essential clove oil helps to prevent dental plague and caries. It will help the teeth to become more healthy. Clove is soothing the pain of the dental gums. This mouthwash recipe is alcohol-free, cheap, easy, soothing, natural, mild and anti bacterial. It will give you a fresh breath and watery taste in the mouth.

Soak 2 or 3 spoons of cloves in 1 liter of hot water. Keep the cloves for 6 hours or a day in the water. It is better to keep the hot water under a towel or inside of a thermos. Transfer the ready mouthwash into a beautiful bottle. Use the mouth wash after meals and for gargling. Wise women add herbal tea to make this organic mouthwash more colorful and tasty. Attractive women can also add fresh drops of essential oils, such as peppermint and geranium.

This magic potion will help to heal dental gum infections and soar throats. The brown color of the water will stain the teeth slightly. The stains are temporary and will go away after brushing of the teeth.

This recipe is the best for sensitive teeth, because clove oil blocks the pain receptors of the nerves. It works better then artificial medicine !

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