Beautiful Peranakan Women from Asia

The beautiful Peranakan women were the mixed descendants of Chinese men who married Malaysian women. The combination of their cultures influenced the south of Asia and the world. Their history is one part of the great Asian heritage, because they created a new culture and one unique lifestyle in the south of Asia.

Their story began in the sixteenth century, when the rich Chinese men were forced to escape China and to start a new life abroad. The Peranakan people from Singapore, Malacca and Penang were mainly traders. They worked together with British, Chinese and Malaysian clients. They were multilingual, because their work required them to speak English, Chinese, Malay and several dialects of the Indonesian language. The Peranakan mothers thought their children to speak multiple languages, because they understood the importance of communication as a tool of trade. The Peranakan men were the rich immigrants from China. The Peranakan women were the exotic women from mixed marriages. They were admired for their beauty and envied for their wealth.

The Peranakan heritage and culture is truly unique in the world. Their spicy food, the beautiful jewelry and the colorful dresses influenced the Asian fashion. Their money financed the Chinese revolutions and rebellions. Their homes became museums and their names became part of our history. Many popular Peranakan museums were opened in the South-East of Asia, because their culture remains popular until today. Their unique handcrafts and lavish furniture became classic. Their floral dresses and delicious food are still popular to modern women. The beautiful Peranakan culture was highly artistic, because creativity was very important for being different and successful. Creativity and their own style of life were needed, because the rest of society did not accept the Peranakan as equal to them.

The Peranakan women were highly skilled creators of unique textiles, jewelry and desserts. They were also excellent managers of rich households and big factories. The talented Peranakan women were in charge of the decorations in the house. They were responsible for the education of the children and the daily purchases for the family. The creativity of a Peranakan woman was valued by the creativity of her needlework. Her creativity was tested and studied before she was allowed to marry her husband. Since young age, Peranakan women worked long hours for perfecting their forms of art. This is why their culture was very successful at creating unique fashion and design for beautiful Asian women.

The colorful dresses of Peranakan women were elegant and exotic at the same time. The traditional dresses were made of silk. They were decorated with beautiful satin beads and floral designs. The colors were often softer and brighter than the colors of the other people on the street. The Peranakan women loved their accessories to be the same color as their vibrant dresses. They used their special talents to create their own beaded bracelets, hairstyles and dresses. Their colorful accessories and golden jewelry were their favorite tools for attracting the attention of British investors. To them, the beautiful accessories were more than simple decoration. Those beautiful Asian women believed that the beauty of their art would protect them from evil forces.

Fashion was one big part of the religion for them.

The mixed Asian cuisine is another tasty specialty of the Peranakan women. Their spicy food had a unique blend of both, the Chinese and the Malay cuisine. Their food was aromatic, spicy and herbal. The common ingredients included coconut milk, herbal leaves, lemon grass and red pepper. The Peranakan women were proud of their culinary skills. Their secret recipes were handed down from one generation to the next. Their food was magic, because it required multiple steps and more than one day of work.

A Peranakan woman was a very supportive wife and mother. For example ; The Peranakan men enjoyed sweet desserts very much. This is why the Peranakan women used their free time to make colorful cakes and sweet delicacies for their husbands. Their desserts made the men more calm and more focused. It helped them to be successful in business.

The influence of the Peranakan heritage is still strong in Asia. Even after many centuries, the modern women are eager to try out the Peranakan way of life. The modern people see them as their heroes, because they want to become as successful as their ancestors.

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