Comfortable Women's Shoes for a Dress

Felicitously smiling Jessica Biel carefully reviewed the mirrored reflection of her red evening dress that she just bought for the upcoming wedding of her younger sister Estel. This new Italian dress seemed fantastic enough to make an unforgettable impression on her beloved friends at the evening of the wedding. She turned around to see it from behind. Growing in confidence Jessica was believing to be almost ready, as she started to search through her private collection of expensive women's shoes , where she hoped to find a perfect combination to her glamorous dress.

Open drawers of Jessica's custom made boot shelf revealed the enormous complexity of choice as she slipped her playful feet into the soft leathery belly of her red women's dress shoes with an extra wide width in the middle and an extra narrow front. Their form felt comfortable and familiar. Miss Biel was hoping to use their magic powers to create an obsessive passion and an irresistible attraction in the mysterious mind of her secret lover who was also invited to the wedding. Then she started to think as emotionally advanced as

An ironic smile of regret spread itself over the polished face of Jessica Biel, because she imagined how her secret lover would forget himself in a wild passion that was created by her flat red boots, if she would actually wear them with that elegant dress. He would certainly create too much attention or spoil the wedding or at least ruin the memory of it, because it would be the day when her secret romance would become publicly known. Jessica decided to keep her beautiful high-heeled magic in the box, because she wanted her Sister to be happy and more attractive than herself on the day of her own wedding. She put this pair back into the shelf and took out a more formal pair of black evening sandals.

Yes, said Miss Biel to herself as she slipped her unprotected feet into the black women's dress shoes that she bought last summer for the formal evenings of her husband's company. At first they seemed like a perfect pair of comfortable women's dress shoes for the sister of the bride. Their black color was neutral and solid. In addition to this, the professional quality of those black leather dress shoes created an illusion of trust and reliability. The only thing that bothered Jessica Biel was an emotion of emptiness as she looked at those black sandals on her feet. They were too formal and too ordinary to be worn with her exclusive red dress. The now stressed Miss Biel put depressed this formal pair of black leather sandals back onto the shelf.

An expression of confusion came over the tired face of Miss Biel, because she always believed that she had so many of the fashion dress shoes already, that she could easily find a suitable pair of them for any occasion, such as the wedding of her sister Estel. But, the suitable pair of beautiful leather was unfortunately not in reach for her now. This is why she decided to do something that she swore not to do this year. She decided to visit a luxurious women's footwear shop to buy an additional pair of womens shoes. Estel's wedding was certainly a good excuse for this.

On the next day. Refreshed and excited Jessica run into the streets of her favourite foot wear shop where she trusted her innocent feet into the professional hands of the friendly-minded friend of Her simple wish was to find comfortable dress shoes for dancing easy and comfy at the wedding dance floor. The friendly friend of gave her one simple advice to stop thinking complicated and start thinking in color. She just needed to match the right color of simple women shoes to the dress of the bride. To her own surprise, that color was described as the color of exotic ocean pearls that are too rare to own. She bought her rare pair of vintage sandals in that magic color and made her sister Estel very happy as she danced the traditional wedding dance with the bride.

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