Symbolic Meaning of Colors

Colorful joy improves life. This article describes spiritual and symbolic meanings of colors.

Attractive women always find new inspiration in different hair colors. This wise women also know that this colorful change can heal their soul. A simple change of coloring with brown, red, blond or dark brunette hair shades can change how people see the character of a person. People will react to the new hair shade with their unique instinct perception. This instinct perception is what people call an emotional meaning of color.

Technically the true primary colors are red, yellow and blue. Smart women use black or white to make them more dark or more bright. The secondary or the complementary colors are green, purple, orange, magenta and cyan. They can be be used to achieve different effects on people.

Hot and Warm

Every woman has a feeling. Red is hot, orange and yellow feels warm. The hue of red is the first hue that babies can see. Therefore red roses are loved very much. Clever women know that red roses symbolize love, respect and passion or at least it means that other flowers were not available at the shop. A lot of people love the autumn colors, because they feel warm inside when they see them. In almost all cultures the red represents danger, risk, excitement and also life in India and China.

Painting the walls with orange or mild yellow paints will increase the comfort and popularity of the room. Warm colors such as the sunny yellow symbolize the youth, childish fun, happiness and light. Yellow is the color of sunshine in the summer. An aggressive yellow can stimulate mental activity and muscular stress. The golden yellow means wealth, success and power in China and India. The meaning of orange is very similar to the yellow, but orange is more mature. Older people like Orange more than yellow. Orange is a symbol of pleasure, relaxed atmosphere and hospitality.

Romance and female wisdom are wonderful ! The warm rose and hot pink is loved by young women. The soft reddish pink is a symbol of female purity. The cute pink is also a symbol for health, romance, friendship and softness. A soft pink paint is very popular for the decoration of children's rooms and kitchens.

Warm tones and shades are very popular for room decoration. Most reasonable kitchen colors are olive, pearl white, bright yellow and light orange.

Pastel colors symbolize neutrality. The pastel shades are peaceful, soft and mild. Therefore loves soft and pastel tones very much. Neutral pastel paints are very good for a living room, an office, a bedroom or bath. The Yellow and blue create green. Pastel green means safety, nature, growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Natural green has a deep emotional correlation with the feeling of safety. Olive green and white-blue represent peace. According to Feng Shui the green symbolizes family, nature and honor. The medicine uses natural green and sunlight to heal the soul.

Cold and Dark

The cold colors are blue, gray and dark. Looking at gray walls is the best way to get lonely. The Grey means old, wise, neutral and boring. The dark colors can be very depressing in the long term. Wise women use them to create contrast to bright paints. Dark rooms appear small, depressing and dirty. The dark brown is a perfect replacement for black. Shy women use dark clothing to appear thinner. This is why black and dark tones are popular among fat people.

All the bluish feels cold and refreshing. The light blue symbolizes freshness, serenity, calmness and peace. Sometimes the blue is associated with freedom, because the sky, the sea and oceans are blue. A lot of men love the shades of blue very much, because bluish tones make them feel masculine and free. High concentrations of blue can lead to loneliness and depression. The cool blue can be used to neutralize warm colors like orange, funky red or crazy yellow. According to Feng Shui the bluish shades represent wisdom, career and work.

Black and White

White is the color of professionalism, clean purity and light. Bright white rooms appear bigger than dark rooms. Bright paints make the room to appear fresh and clean. Bright rooms feel empty and hollow. Clever women use colorful pictures, posters or paintings to make a white room more hospitable. White is very neutral. It can be combined with every other tone. Some people who wear only pure white cloth, are mentally instable. A lot of emotionally instable people have a strong desire to wear gray white cloth only. This desire is a symptom of inner storm in the brain. Their soul became corrupted with thoughts. This insane people try to avoid wearing colorful cloth, sometimes they wear dark black instead of the gray white.

The color black symbolizes crime, depression, mourning and inner emptiness. Pure black clothing says that the person has a weak character. Deep black cloth have a negative effect on the soul in the long term. This clothing can be replaced by dark gray, deep brown or deep blue that represent old wisdom and depth. People who wear pure black are more anxious and depressive than people who wear bright clothing. This poor people emotionally feel that the dark black will protect them, because they innerly correlate pure black with protection of the dark. The very same instincts can be observed in groups of rats and cockroaches. Strong attraction to dark means that you are tired or depressive. You will need good sleep, sport and tasty food to heal your soul.

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