The taste of meat and why we eat grilled meat.

Cooking meat on the BBQ grill.

There are many people who like meat. The taste of meat is one of the basic flavors that we like to eat. It's called umami. This taste of umami can be cooked without meat, but it is much more easy to have the umami taste with the help of meat. There are many different methods for cooking of the meat. In this tasty video we can see how to cook meat on the large grill for 1 thousand people.

The grill can give the meat the taste of the burning wood. This taste can increase the umami taste of the meat. It is not healthy, but it is very tasty. Many people love this taste. It is also possible to have this taste with beans and onions, if we add melted butter, garlic and hot chilly to the vegetables. The smoke of the clean wood can create a rich flavor in the meat. Some people love this taste of the wooden smoke more than the meat itself. It is possible to have the corn, the bread, eggs and vegetables with the same taste of the wooden smoke. The best grilled meat is the combination of the animal fat, the umami taste of the meat, the tasty spices and the smoke of the wood. It is possible to replace the meat, but the fat and the spices are very important for this type of food.

It is important to control the heat of the grill. Too much fire is not good. It is possible to reduce the fire with the help of water or beer. Too much smoke is also not good. The smoke is from the fat or the meat. It is possible to remove the fat, and then cook the grilled meat inside of the animal fat. There are many different tricks for the grill, but the most important trick is to turn the meat and to control the heat of the grill.

The consumption of meat and the good health are connected. Too much meat is bad for health. The quality of the meat is also important for the good health. There are people who eat the meat every day. This is not normal. Too much protein can create warts on the skin. The prions from the meat can create illness in the body. The bacteria from the meat can make us sick. The animals from the farm can be sick and they can have bad chemicals in their body. It is more difficult to eat meat and to be healthy. This situation is not normal, but it is logical, because the bad things from the meat are an effect from the large scale production of the meat. The animals are treated like products and there are forced to grow as fast as possible, so that the profits are as large as possible.

The tasty meat on the grill.

It did become more difficult to eat meat and to be safe. It is more easy to know what is in the eggs or vegetables, than it is possible to say what is in the meat. The meat from the grill must be very fresh and clean. The meat from the grill is only grilled from the outside. The meat inside can be raw. This is why it is important to only cook fresh and high quality meat on the grill. It is possible to reduce the risk of infection, if we use the spices on the meat. The spices help to reduce the bad bacteria. The spices also help to create a better taste of the meat.

The world health organization did issue a warning against the daily consumption of meat. Some people say that eating meat is good for health. It is controversial, because there are a lot of very healthy people who eat eggs, beans, tofu, snails and fish, instead of eating meat. The meat is not the source of the health, because there are many people who eat the meat and are not healthy at all. We must be honest. We eat the meat, because we like the taste of the meat.

Some people say that they must eat the meat for their daily source of the protein. It is wrong, because the different types of beans have more protein than the meat, and beans have more minerals too. Some people say that they must eat meat for the vitamins and minerals that are in the meat. It is also not correct. The eggs have more vitamins and minerals than the meat. Some people say that they must eat the red meat for the iron. It is wrong too. The spinach and the mushrooms have more iron than the red meat. The hormones and some essential proteins are the only things that are valuable in the meat, but our own body is already producing the hormones, and the sea food has more minerals and essential proteins than the meat of the animals. We must be honest. We eat meat, because we like the taste. Once we understand this, then we can cook better. We can use the meat for the flavor, instead of thinking that meat is the only source of the protein, the minerals, the iron, or the hormones. We must use the meat as same as we use the spices or the vegetable oil. We must learn how to use the meat as an ingredient inside of the other food.

Some people do not eat the meat at all. Good for them. It is possible to replicate the taste of the meat with eggs, hot chilly powder, garlic, vegetable oil, and herbs. The eggs with the spicy chilly powder can have a very similar taste of the meat. The meat is good for the people who do not know how too cook without meat, because the taste of the meat has all the good ingredients that we like in our food. The meat has the salt, the iron, the fat and the meaty taste of the protein that we love. This is why some people eat too much of the meat, because they do not know how to cook the other food that has the same taste as the meat.

It is possible to eat meat and to be healthy. There is a good trick for this. The Japanese and the Chinese people cook fried or grilled meat in the vegetable fat. The meat becomes very tasty. Then the Asian people cut the meat in small portions and they use this small amount of meat for the taste in the other food. It is possible to add grilled meat to the soup. The water of the soup will absorb the taste of the meat. The soup will have the good taste, but the soup will be more healthy, because the smaller amount of meat is more healthy for daily consumption.

The meat itself is not the problem. The problem are the people who eat the meat every day, two or 3 times per day. They eat chicken, beef, ham, salami, sausages and all the other products that contain meat. Our body does require many different minerals and vitamins. When we eat the same food every day, then we become sick, because our body does not get the minerals and vitamins that we need for good health. The Asian people did solve this problem. They use the fat from the meat or the water from the meat for the creation of the umami taste in the vegetables and the noodles. It is possible to cook the food with grilled meat, if we use the grilled meat as an ingredient, instead of eating only the meat without cooking it with water or vegetable fat, rice, noodles, or vegetables.

Cooking can help us to become more healthy, if we understand how to use the ingredients for the creation of the good taste. The balance of the ingredients in very important. Too much of anything is bad for the body. We must be wise and use the meat as a flavor instead of using meat as our only source of minerals.

The synthetic meat is a good alternative to the meat from the animals. The synthetic meat is more clean and it has more minerals than the meat from the animals. There are good sausages with synthetic meat from the factory. This type of meat is already prepared for cooking and it has spices inside. The raw synthetic meat is better, because there is less salt and we can control the amount of salt on the meat. The good thing about the synthetic meat is the amount of spices, because they are often in the perfect combination for the simple cooking.

We do not know what will be in the future. We only know that many things will change and some things will stay the same. Maybe somebody will find something better than the taste of the meat, and then we will start to eat this magic thing. Until then, we can be wise and use the meat as the source of the taste, instead of eating too much if it. Remember to be healthy and to eat the type of food that is good for health.

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