The Tesla Public Transportation Network with cheap Tunnels and Tesla Cars.

Impressive mobility innovation by the Tesla automotive and The Boring Company (TBC).

Tesla is inventing the cheaper public transport system that can use the existing
autonomous cars as shuttle cars inside of cheap tunnels.

The basic economic calculation is that the existing autonomous Tesla cars are cheaper than
the large and expensive metro trains. The system is cheaper than large tunnels
for the train. Also, there is no need for the expensive underground stations,
because the flexible shuttle cars can enter the tunnel entrance ramp from above.

The public transport stations of Tesla will include the shuttle cars + shopping on
top of the tunnel network. The shuttle cars can enter the tunnel like the antique
cars did enter the underground parking spaces.
No lift. No expensive underground stations.

The passengers will enter the automated shuttle cars on the street level.

Above the Tesla tunnel network. Like in the automated parking buildings.

Picture of Automatic Robot Cars in Traffic

More and more automatic cars drive on the roads of Europe. Old people buy them, because they are more comfortable and safer to drive. There are thousands of them in Berlin, Paris and Barcelona. In some cities people already started to refuse to own the cars, because the electric robot taxis are cheaper to use than to own a car.

Robots help out in many areas. They help to build, drive, cook and serve. Often they just assist, but in the recent time they started to become completely automatic.

In the case of automatic taxis, the robotic cars seem to be perfect. Tourists can trust them to be as honest as possible. Women can sleep on the back seat and relax without feeling the eyes of a male driver.

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