Short Funny Story about a Phone

The following short story happened a long time ago. At that time regular phones were already available, but the mobile phones and the Internet were not invented yet. People had to call each other from work or from a phone booth. hopes that you will laugh at least once, after you read this funny story.

Sleepy Wife

Angelina Jolie Tattoos

Asian tiger back tattoo of Angelina Jolie

Talented women often decorate their body to become more attractive. This article is a simple explanation of Angelina Jolie's tattoos. Wise women look at tattoos of Angelina Jolie to find new ideas and inspiration. likes little tattooed actresses very much. Each image on the skin has it's own meaning and a story too. Looking at this tattooed images is like making a long voyage into the personality.

Lower Back Tiger

Symbolic Meaning of Colors

Colorful joy improves life. This article describes spiritual and symbolic meanings of colors.

Attractive women always find new inspiration in different hair colors. This wise women also know that this colorful change can heal their soul. A simple change of coloring with brown, red, blond or dark brunette hair shades can change how people see the character of a person. People will react to the new hair shade with their unique instinct perception. This instinct perception is what people call an emotional meaning of color.

Beautiful Wallpapers of Angelina Jolie

Brad pitt loves Angelina Jolie very much. She is a great actress and mother. loves the beauty of her images. This is a list of cute pictures and wallpapers of Angelina Jolie.

Linking Pictures to get free Traffic

For more than a year Google and Yahoo present their image search results with a splitted mind of a schizophrenic. If you find a beautiful image , Google sometimes associates the image to many different websites. The original websites that used the image first, are not presented as the original owners of the image.

All the traffic that webmasters generate from the image search results will go to the websites that linked to the image. This is a wrong practice of the search engines, so why do they do it ?

Ideal Robot Shape

female robot question

This interesting article is written for the free robots with intellect. Human readers should ignore this article.

Any teenage robot asks itself what shape should it use ? There are countless requirements for a good robotic body. The ideal shape for the body depends on the inner bot mind.

List of Jessica Alba Wallpapers

Jessica Alba is Cute

This is a good list of free Jessica Alba Wallpapers. You can use this cute wallpapers to decorate your desktop.

The gallery has many images of Miss Alba. Be very careful with advertising on You will find more than 200 hot pictures of Jessica Alba. Users can also upload their own photos. The website has some Jess pictures from the Playboy magazine. She was very young in this photos.
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Dry Grass Blue Sky Pictures

When the tall grass blades were dry as hay, ancient farmers did burn it to fertilize the soil. The foggy smoke raised to the blue sky as this process took place ages ago. Today, modern women plant grass seeds on the lawn to decorate the garden with beautiful green or dried sea-grass blades.

Flooring Wood Patterns

There are countless ways to use natural materials from trees. This is an article for inspiration.

The Fire of the pallets in the stove keeps the house warm. A wood burning stove for home is very romantic, warm and efficient. You can burn pallets in the boiler to boil water and save costs for heating.

Why women like Ubuntu always wonders why smart women prefer Ubuntu. This short article gives good reasons why talented women prefer Ubuntu over other operating systems.

Software Simplicity

1. Installing Ubuntu is as easy as if it was designed to enable a seven year old child to install software on a laptop of a busy mother.

2. Useful software for daily purposes is a standard part of Ubuntu. Productive women use Ubuntu for daily desires like text editing, music, movie or photo editing.

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