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How to create short hairstyles for women

Creative mothers know very well how to style short haircuts for women, because their active children do not allow them to have time for long hair. Short hair can be romantic and professional too. The secret lovers and women from the world of business can enjoy beauty without compromises. Life can become more beautiful for you too ! You can use this good help from for finding new inspiration about the short hair on your beautiful head.

Short story about Ambray - The warrior princess

The night melted under the warm sun. Ambray woke up with a stable mind. She felt that all of her senses were like tasty eggs that were sitting neatly in one basket. The thoughts about fresh eggs created hunger. She was young, attractive and very talented. She felt unstoppable and very weak at the same time. Her biggest enemy was her own mind. She was like a fallen angel that had lost the ability to be good.

It was time to become brave. Ambray decided to fight her demons today.

The neighbors ran to work. The children ran to school and the old people went to buy food in the supermarket that was not open yet. The yellow birds were loud and the small dogs ran after the colorful birds. The three visible dimensions of reality became too intense for Ambray. The head was heavy and the world became too difficult to understand. Ambray disconnected from her soul again. The morning was ruined. The mind was angry with the world again. She felt lost and helpless.

Best ideas for short hairstyles of women

How to add volume to hair.

Beautiful women want more volume in their hairstyles. Creative women know how to do it. Adding volume to short hair is very easy. The attractive volume can be created with any style of the short hair. Good hairdressers use a soft, round brush and natural products for adding more volume to the short hairstyle. You can do it too !

You can use natural aloe vera gel, a natural hair cream or liquid bee wax and hair spray after the shower. Apply the beauty product on wet hair. Take a soft brush and start to create beauty. Brush the wet hair from the inside to the outside. Continue brushing and dry your hair with a cool air from the fan or an electronic dryer. Be patent with your short hairstyle and very patient when you have long hair. Use cold air, because hot air will damage the hair and make it very dry.

Short Hairstyles make Angelina Jolie happy

The rain has stopped. The trees began to drink the water. It was the time to calm down and think fast. On this day. One week before the magical wedding of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The silent phone became loud. A melody of the call started to play. It was the personal doctor of Angelina Jolie. The doctor asked Angelina about her nerves. He wanted to be sure that she is mentally healthy and ready for heavy stress. Angelina complained that the world was not offering enough perfection to her. She complained that the wedding was too complicated and that the brides must be treated better before weddings, because they have too much emotional stress.

Angelina Stood up from the soft bed. She took her yellow tea from the table under the mirror. The tea was waiting since yesterday. She drank the colorful tea and felt refreshed. Brad Pitt was still sleeping. She looked at him and realized that in seven days she will become his wife and will be very dependent on him. Minutes passed. Nothing happened. Angelina became angry and sad. She jumped on the bed and tried to wake up Brad Pitt. The relaxed boyfriend turned to the side and continued to sleep. Nothing could wake him up. Angelina Jolie gave up.

Play Sudoku Game for Free


The Sudoku is an interesting game and very easy to play. The game of Sudoku is a beautiful puzzle for women with good logic, clean hands and golden patience. Sudoku is independent from language, nationality, gender and age. Everybody, on every planet can play Sudoku on, because the game does not require hard math, special skills or exotic knowledge. This game is good for any brain. It helps to stimulate the mental activity and keep the mind productive, when there is no other source of mental stimulation. This game is very good for relaxation and active meditation. Creative women can also print Sudoku puzzles and solve them later, when they are traveling away from home. Popular astronomy teachers in Japan say that other civilizations from other galaxies also love to play Sudoku, because this beautiful game is for everyone.

How to play Sudoku

The free game of Sudoku is very easy to play. Each row, each column and each 3x3 box should have the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. The numbers can only be used once in every row, column or the 3x3 box. The sequence of the numbers is not important. Sometimes the puzzle of Sudoku can also have more than one solution, if you are lucky. A number is not allowed to exist twice, if this number was already used in the same row, same column or the same 3x3 box.

Short hairstyles for the wedding of Angelina Jolie

Tired Angelina Jolie woke up without sleeping. She felt the early excitement in her belly, because her special wedding day was very near. She stood up and went to the bathroom. She looked at herself inside of the big mirror. Her long, messy hair made her upset, because she has had this long haircut for 5 years already. It was time for a radical change, because Angelina did not want to be the same tired woman for another 5 years.

Angelina developed a brave idea. She decided to become one of the beautiful women with short hairstyles for weddings. The idea was very irrational, but it felt very good to think about it. Her next husband was away from home. He was celebrating the future wedding with his friends.

Asian women love the Chinese new year

The Chinese new year is the most important festival for the Chinese women. The origin of this festival is older than history. The typical celebration begins with a family dinner in the evening before the new year on the moon. After two weeks, the festival ends with a spectacular march of lanterns on the fifteenth day. The festival is very well celebrated across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and many big Chinese towns around the world.

There is an old legend behind the celebration of the festival. In the mystical legend, the beginning of the Chinese new year often started with a long fight against a powerful dragon from the stars. The dragon destroyed farms, villages and poor families. To protect themselves, the brave Chinese people deposited good food near their doors. They believed that the dragon would not attack them, if it can eat for free. One day, an old woman from the village saw that the dragon was scared away by a little child in a red dress. The villagers understood that the bad dragon is afraid of the red color. The people started to decorate their windows and doors with red lanterns and red paper. They started to use fireworks to scare the dragon away. Since then, the dragon never visited the village again. An old Chinese woman told that the dragon was captured by a monk who lives in the forest near the big mountain.

Short haircuts rescue Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba went into the green park to enjoy the warm sun. She needed some distance from her hard work. She entered a cozy bar near the green trees and ordered a large cup of warm coffee with green tea. She sat down near the yellow flowers and looked out at the happy children in the park. There was a little Asian girl who had the same hairstyle as herself, when she was a teenager. The playful girl brought back good memories of her happy childhood. Jessica smiled in thoughts. She remembered the easy days. She remembered the struggle for beauty and the fight for cute boys. She used to be excited over short, layered haircuts for Spanish girls. She smiled again and drank her green coffee mix. The good memories inspired Jessica Alba to try out new short haircuts in the beauty saloon near the house of her mother, because she wanted to visit her mother soon.

Beautiful facts about women from Asia

Great diversity is one daily part of the Asian reality. The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Korea and Japan are much more different from each-other than the countries of Europe or Latin America. Every day millions of happy tourists visit Asia to discover the ancient cities and try out their famous food. The beautiful faces from Asia have captured the attention of many international travelers. Asia is diverse and interesting for tourists from the north and the west. The different faces of Asia are complex and simple at the same time. For the visitors from the West, it takes a long time to see the differences between the Asian faces. Visitors need to look deeper into the Asian cultures, if they want to understand the beautiful faces of Asian women. The unique food and traditions of a country can explain why Vietnamese faces are long and the Malaysian faces are round.

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