Short story about Ambray - The warrior princess

The night melted under the warm sun. Ambray woke up with a stable mind. She felt that all of her senses were like tasty eggs that were sitting neatly in one basket. The thoughts about fresh eggs created hunger. She was young, attractive and very talented. She felt unstoppable and very weak at the same time. Her biggest enemy was her own mind. She was like a fallen angel that had lost the ability to be good.

It was time to become brave. Ambray decided to fight her demons today.

The neighbors ran to work. The children ran to school and the old people went to buy food in the supermarket that was not open yet. The yellow birds were loud and the small dogs ran after the colorful birds. The three visible dimensions of reality became too intense for Ambray. The head was heavy and the world became too difficult to understand. Ambray disconnected from her soul again. The morning was ruined. The mind was angry with the world again. She felt lost and helpless.

The nerves were tickled by heavy thoughts about the future. The air in the room became heavy and dense.

Ambray recognized a familiar smell of a young woman during unrest. It was the smell of menstruation. The peace of the soul broke in many small pieces. Ambray moved her legs under the blanket. She stayed in bed for two hours without moving. Her mind was blank. The empty void of the emotional desert conquered the young soul of Ambray. It was too late to be in bed. Ambray took her dark clothes from the chair and went into the bright street of near the beach.

The wide streets of Barcelona were full with tourists and local people who sat on benches and walked around for fun. It was obvious that the people loved to be outside on this sunny day. Ambray sat down on a bench and looked at the beautiful woman at the other side. A small stain on the corner of the woman's mouth distracted the eyes of Ambray. She stretched her tongue, because it was her favorite jam with blue plums and red fruits. The woman licked the jam away from her clean cheek and continued to eat her sweet bun.

The vibration from the woman's teeth and the tension from her tongue compounded on Ambray's tender ears. The sweet smell of the bun was too tasty to resist. Ambray became more hungry. Her pockets were empty as air, because she did not take her money with her. Ambray remained calm. She tried to stop form shouting at herself.

The sweet smell from the eating woman was radiating from her bag. She was a Chinese woman and probably a foreigner in Barcelona. The sweet smell became irresistible. Ambray could not contain her hunger. She asked the woman about the buns. The Chinese woman said that she cooked the buns herself. She offered one bun to Ambray, because she had too many to eat. Ambray's soul was not ready for this uninvited guest in her life. She took the sweet bun and said nothing. She stood up and wanted to walk away. The Chinese woman stood up and walked with her. She said that she was living close to the park on the hill. Ambray became ashamed, because she thought that this woman was a tourist. The Chinese woman said that she comes to this part of the city very often, because her German husband owns a business in there. Ambray became more ashamed. She was not ready to speak to people and was afraid of foreigners. The Chinese woman offered a second bun. Ambray took it from her hand and ate faster than before.

The hunger was satisfied. The mind became stronger than the heart. Ambray walked away from the friendly Chinese woman. She could not allow guests in her soul. She resisted the kindness and ran away in tears. The streets became narrow and the people became dark. Ambray entered the Arab district of Barcelona.

The continental shift in the mind of Ambray began to send waves through her body. She sat down on the pavement and opened her hands. Two Arab women dropped money to her feet. Ambray said that she did not need the money, but the Arab women were already away and her voice was too weak to travel the long distance.

Ambray cried silently on the pavement. She was challenging her complicated job. She asked herself about the good man that she never found. She asked herself about her metropolitan lifestyle and her emotional void. Ambray tried to remember the last beautiful emotion that she had. Her fingers played with her cloth and she began to walk again. The good memories came back. Vivid images of Ambray's childhood began to return to her mind.

She remembered the sunny beach and the green park in Korea. She remembered herself as a little girl who looked deeply into the eyes of the people around her. The eyes were consuming everything that existed around that sunny girl. She was curious and young. Very different from the woman that she now was. Her younger brother was riding on the strong back of the father. He asked the father to run faster and faster until the father fell down on the sand. The younger brother smiled as he landed on the soft sand. It was a happy day, when the father was still alive.

In her childhood, Ambray was a healthy girl with a fresh smile. She owned a white dress with flowers and danced along with the raindrops, when it rained. She loved to create ripples in the paddles of water. Nothing could smash her strong spirit. Ambray felt to be someone completely different now. It was a blissful time that was lost forever.

The warm memories about the happy days transported Ambray into the realm of positive emotions. She began to cry for herself again. She believed that the ultimate happiness for women is their ability to create love in the heart. She cried, because there was nobody to create love in her heart. The emotional void in her heart was painful. She became depressed and angry with herself. This had to stop.

Ambray decided to change. She decided to share her life with someone who has similar emotions and can fill her empty heart with compassion. She understood the nature of the positive energy. She understood that she must focus on sharing good things with friendly people around her. Ambray took out her electronic journal and started to write. She smiled and nodded at almost every sentence that she wrote. She felt good about her life, when she was able to share it with someone who would read her electronic journal. Life was instantly transformed.

The beautiful visions, about the people who would read her words, made Ambray proud. She was happy to exist. Ambray was in an emotional carousel of hope. Hope infiltrated her soul. She felt motivated to share her life with similar people. It was her last hope. It was her last method for fighting against the demons of her negative emotions. She decided to become a mental warrior princess. It would be her new identity that she can trust more than herself. She imagined herself to be popular and famous like the giant stars from Europe. Ambray wanted to defeat her demons, so that she could gain ultimate happiness. She wanted to have someone in her life. She wanted to have a family and feel like a child again. She wanted to play with her own children. She wanted to feel love in her heart.

The day ended. She sun was kissing the horizon with red colors. The sky became dark. Ambray went home. She opened her fridge and ate the cake that she created yesterday, because it was her birthday today. She was hoping to share the cake with someone, but she had not met that special person yet. Ambray took her phone and created a picture of the cake. She published the photo in her electronic journal. Nobody looked at the picture, but it felt good, because someone will look at the picture later and think about the cake. This lucky person will think about the birthday of someone. That lucky person will think about the colors and share the experience. This was important for Ambray. She was happy again.

The teeth were brushed and the dark hair was washed with natural shampoo.

Ambray took her big bear from the bed and pressed it against her chest. The bear had her favorite smell and color. The bear became a person for Ambray. It was closer to her heart than anyone else. She had always respected the bear for his strong integrity and his honest love for honey. The smile of the bear was a sign of love and the eyes were his wisdom. The bear spoke with his eyes. Ambray dreamed about the future. She dreamed about her children. She dreamed to own a big house and a tree with red fruits. She dreamed to be in the comfortable arms of her charismatic companion. Ambray closed her eyes.

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