How to do hairstyles for short hair

Beauty is power. This great power can help modern women to gain more respect from other women and men. This great power can create an advantage at work, in school and in a relationship. You can create beauty and use the power of beauty for becoming more happy and popular. It is very easy to create new styles with short hair. Use this helpful guide from for creating beautiful hairstyles with short hair. Be good to yourself !

Create cute curls for short hair.

Beautiful curls can be created with heat or with hairspray and hair-gel. The heat will create strong curls, but it will also damage the hair and make it dry. The short haircuts need protection from the heat. Wash your important hair and keep it slightly wet. Apply the cream for maximal protection against the heat. The cream against the heat will help you to protect the precious hair from potential damage. You can use the hot iron for creating strong curls and waves in the hair. The hot iron is fast but also very bad for the hair, if it becomes too hot. Use one good electronic iron for curling your beautiful hair. The electronic irons with temperature control are better and much safer for you. Small irons for curling will create small curls in the short hair. Big and round irons for curling will create bigger curls and can be also used for creating long waves, if you twist your short hair along the whole length of the hot iron.

There are also hot rolls that can be used for creating curly hairstyles. The rolls can keep the heat for an hour. The hot rolls must be boiled in hot water. The hair should be twisted around the hot rolls and remain in position for an hour or two. Some beautiful women prefer to keep the hot rolls for a night in their hair. The rolls create small curls in the short hair. Creative women can use the hot rolls to create short hairstyles with many soft curls. You can create soft curls and layers with curls of different sizes. You can also apply hair-gel before using the hot rolls. The gel inside of the wet hair will make the curls more strong and more resistant to fingers of the men who like to play with curls.

Experiment with different techniques for curling of short haircuts, but remember that the hair must be protected from the heat. Try different sizes of the curls. Be creative and look at other women with curls around you. Copy their curly styles, if you like them.

Create short hairstyles with hair clips.

Hair clips are the best friends for women with short hairstyles. The hair clips can create more comfort for the women and their daughters. The short haircuts with elegant hair clips can create wonderful combinations of beauty for any type of the face. The beautiful hair clips can be used for styling or as an elegant jewelry that will catch the attention of important friends.

Wash your hair with a shampoo that has protein. The protein will make your short haircut more shiny. You can apply the natural hair gel, if you want your short hairstyle to be more solid and less soft. The gel can also make your soft hair much thicker. The cold air is softer for the short haircuts than the hot air. Use a soft brush to comb the wet hair from the inside. Comb the wet hair slowly and be patient. The cold air and the soft comb will create more volume in the short haircut. This volume is very useful for the next step.

When the hair is dry. You can use the hair clips to create the perfect shape of your haircut. Take the short hair from the front of your beautiful head. Be soft. Use your fingers to move the short hair to the side of your head. Try to move the hair up and down. This movement will help you to decide where to fix your hair clips. You can use the beautiful hair clips on the side, on the top or on the back of your head. The very beautiful hair clips can also be used at the upper front of the head.

It is very important to use beautiful hair clips. Golden hair clips are elegant. Hair clips with silver are formal and the colorful hair clips are very good for fashion, because they can be combined with clothes that have the same color as your beautiful hair clips. You can use the small hair clips that have the same color as your hair, if you want to be shy during the time of menstruation.

Experiments with hair clips are easy and fun. Try to use different sizes and different colors that will help you to find your favorite tool for styling of the short hair.

Create waves in the short hairstyle.

Wash your precious hair with a natural shampoo. Take a good towel and remove the wetness from your head, but keep the hair half wet. Comb your wet hair with a soft brush and be soft to yourself. Apply the natural gel to your short haircut. Use the gel moderately. Be confident.

Take a small section of the wet hair between your fingers. Twist the hair around your finger. Create long curls with the hair around your finger. Collect the twisted hair into a circle. Fix the circle of twisted hair with a small, round hair clip on your head. Continue creating circles of twisted hair until you have collected all of the beautiful hair from your short haircut. Now, wait until the cool head is dry. The hair must dry slowly. You can use cold air from the ventilator, if you want to be fast.

When your short haircut is dry. Remove the clips from your head. Brush your beautiful hairstyle with the fingers until you like the shape of your new style. You can use wet hands, if you want to correct errors or to make the waves of your short hair to become softer.

Be confident and playful. Experiment until you find the perfect style for yourself. Have fun and share with friends. Be beautiful and brave !

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