Get 5 GB more for gMail from Google Drive for Free

Creative women can increase the storage space for their gMail account from Google Mail. It is possible to get more storage space on the hard drive from Google by accepting to use their new and free Internet storage service.

Google will combine the available storage from gMail with the new space for storage from their Google Drive Service. The additional increase in the storage space will be 5 GB at this time, but may increase in the future.

Be fast and comfortable. Log into your gMail account. Go to their Google Drive Service and accept to use it. The additional space for the e-Mail account will be increased automatically. does not know, if it is a mistake or a new marketing strategy from Google. We hope that they will allow you to use the free storage for your private e-Mails.

The Google Drive Service is supposed to be used for documents, but is somehow also accessable for gMail. The service for documents is useful for tables and documents that multiple people can edit from different computers. This service is good for sharing documents by eMail. It can be used for sharing files between friends, but does require an additional software or an application for the phones.

The additional hard drive space for storage is very useful for women who send many pictures in gMail.

Enjoy your free storage space and share this story with friends !

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