How to create curly hair styles for women

The beauty of the curly haircuts is popular among men and women. The men like to play with the curly hair styles and the women love to create curly curls. There are different methods for the creation of curly haircuts. This helpful manual from can help you to understand how to create curly haircuts for women. Be good and happy. Create beauty and surprise your friends.

Create curly hair with the curling iron.

The soft heat of the curling iron can help you to get wavy curls. Wash your beautiful hair. Be clean. The clean haircuts are much easier for curling with heat. Your precious hair must become dry, because the water in the hair can boil and damage the beautiful haircut. Be careful and patient. Use the soft comb for removing knots from your elegant hairstyle. The creation of the curly haircuts will be much easier without the knots.

Apply your favorite product for protection against the heat of the curling iron. The process of heating with the curling iron is very similar to cooking. Think about the natural olive oil that creative women use for the cooking of pancakes on a hot pan. The oil can protect the pancakes from burning. The same principle is helping to protect the soft hair from the heat of the curling iron. You can use the natural cream or the spray for protection. Try to use natural products without chemicals, if you can find them. Natural products will help you to be more healthy and happy. The product for protection against the heat will remain in your curly hair style. Is is very important that the product is not sticky and has a very good fragrance. You must be happy about the things that you use.

Separate a small section of your straight hair and twist it around the surface of the curling iron. Small curling irons will create small curls. Big curling irons will create bigger curls that are more soft. Be careful. The heat of the curling iron can damage your precious hair. It is better to use the electronic devices that can regulate the temperature for the magical creation of the curly hairdos. Be patient. Use the lowest temperature, if you can. Protect yourself.

Create curly hair with the hot rollers.

Hot rollers are the magical tool that can help formal women to become curly women. The advantage of the hot rollers is very simple. The hot rollers are much softer for the curly haircut than the hot curling iron. The hot rollers can give you more perfection and time, when you know how to use them. You can be slow and more creative when you use hot rollers for short haircuts. The main disadvantage of them is also simple. The hot rollers require more time for the creation of the beautiful curls in your haircut. This disadvantage is small, because the protection of the precious hair is more important than the comfort of the curling iron.

Wash your beautiful head. Comb your straight haircut and make it dry. The sensitive hair must become dry and clean before you can create amazing hair styles with curls.

Hot rollers must become hot. You can heat them in the very hot water, if the rollers can sustain the heat. Wear some gloves for protection against the heat. Take one section of your precious hair and roll it around the hot rollers. Begin from the tip and finish slightly away from the head. Be patient. Most of the hot rollers have the clip that can fix them on your attractive haircut. The clip will also protect the sensitive skin of the head from the heat of the hot rollers.

Wait until the hot rollers become cold. You must be patient, if you want to be like other women with curly hair. You can spray the natural hair spray on the rollers, when they become cold. The natural hair spray can help you to have long curls that are stronger. Be patient and careful. Remove the cold rollers from your new hairstyle. Be soft, because the curls are soft too. You can comb the short hair curls with your fingers now. You can also remove mistakes with wet fingers, if you want.

Create curly hairstyles with foam rollers.

Foam rollers can help normal women to become curly during the sleep. The soft rollers are comfortable and easy to use. They are also better for sensitive hair, because they do not require heat.

Wash your hair with a soft shampoo. Apply the natural Aloe Vera gel or the natural bee wax balm on the wet haircut. Be soft and careful. Roll the wet hair around the soft foam rollers. Fix the rollers with elastic rubber bands on top of the head. The foam rollers can be close to the skin or not. The distance between the soft foam rollers and the skin will be important. This distance will determine the starting position of the curls.

Wait until the hair is dry. You can use cold air for drying of your curly hairstyle. Be patient, give your elegant haircut enough time for becoming beautiful. You can also sleep with the soft foam rollers on your head, if it is comfortable for you.

Be ready. Remove the soft foam rollers very carefully, when the time for beauty has come. Be slow, because this method will create very soft curls that are attractive and fragile. You can remove mistakes with wet fingers, if you want. Be creative and have fun.

Accept your new beauty and be confident. Make a photo and share it with friends or family. Ask for good words and be confident with your new hairstyle !

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