Clogged Drain Cleaning of Kitchen Sink or Bathroom Shower

drain kitchen sewer sink shower drainage

This short "How To" is a quick help for cleaning clogged drains, kitchen sinks and bathroom showers. There are many easy ways to unclog the sewer or sewage pipes. The exact cleaning method will depend on the type of dirt that is clogging the sink.

Method 1: Stainless Spiral - Plumbing Snake

Put on some latex gloves, because unprotected hands might become very dirty. Buy or borrow one stainless, metallic spiral or the plumbing snake. Push the stainless spiral wire as deep as possible into the clogged pipe and turn the spiral clockwise. Do it softly, just to be sure, not to damage anything. Pull the metallic spiral out of the drain with the dirt or hair that might be sticking to the end of the wire. Repeat the cleaning of the sewer pipe until no more dirt is coming out. If the water still does not flow through the pipes you will have to use different methods, because the dirt has become too solid or too soft to be cleaned with a plumbing snake.

The metallic spiral is one of the best plumbing tools for cleaning of clogged drains in showers and bathrooms, because it can unclog sewer pipes that are stuck with long hair, paper or trash. The metallic spiral is also called the plumbing snake. You can buy it from your local store or ask a friendly neighbour to lend it to you. But it is better to buy a short stainless plumbing snake, because clever women with long hair often use it at least once in a year.

Method 2: Plumbing Plunger or Carbonated Water

The traditional method to use the pressure for cleaning sinks and clogged toilets is to buy some plumbing plunger or a pump. It can be used multiple times. Just pour in the water until the drainage pipes are full to the top. Then start pumping. This will work only for soft dirt. Solid dirt, sticky hair or solidified lime might need alternative methods.

Alternatively, you can use carbonated water with gases for unclogging kitchen sinks from dirt and rotting food in an easy and funny way. likes this method most, because it is fun to do. It is also the most environmentally friendly for cleaning clogged sink pipes. Just pour in some soap and water into the drainage of the sink, but leave enough space for one bottle of carbonated water with gases. Than slowly pour one bottle of carbonated water into the drain until it is full. Than quickly, close the hole of the sink with a bung or something else that will hold the pressure of the gases. Hold the bung very tight for some time as long as you feel the pressure from the other side.

This method works really well for soft dirt, if you are doing it right. The most important factor is that the bubbles of the gases from the carbonated water or cola will create enough pressure in the drainage pipes. So that the clogging dirt will be pressed into the bigger pipe of the sewage system.

Method 3: Soap and Chemicals

Clogged kitchen sinks are often stuck with oily fat, solid lime or rotting food. The best way to clean this type of clogged drains is to use soaps for dissolving the fat, vinegar acid for dissolving the solidified lime, detergents with enzymes for dissolving the rotting food or special detergents for cleaning clogged kitchen sewers.

Anyway, using chemicals is bad for the health and the environment too. Use soap and strong vinegar acid first, before you try stinking chemicals that might damage your health. Just pour it in and wait for some time. See if the water flows. Then pump to push the dirt into the sewage system.

ATTENTION. Using chemicals for unclogging kitchen sinks and bathroom showers might not work, but it will make the clogging dirt very soft. So that it will be very easy to remove it by pressure of carbonated water or a plumbing plunger. hopes this short "How To" did help you to free your sewer pipes. Otherwise use the expensive services of a plumber or the professional services of the drainage diving robot.

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