How to Make Friends like Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie was a famous writer, lecturer and the developer of courses for self-improvement, public speaking and interpersonal skills. He escaped poverty by tricking people to like him. This is a short guide for people who want to make friends like Dale Carnegie.

Pretend to be friendly

1. Never criticize or complain about anything, because fake friends are very sensitive.
2. Pretend to be interested into everything that fake friends speak about.
3. Smile with a trained smile.
4. Pretend to be honest.

5. Use personal names in conversations to irritate people who are intimidated by close contact.
6. Never talk about your own interests, because fake friends love to talk about themselves only.
7. Pretend to your fake friends that they are very important to you.
8. Pretend to listen. Encourage people to speak more.

Trick and Convince People

1. Hide complexity behind simplification.
2. Start all conversations in a friendly way like
3. Avoid arguing. Pretend that the other person is always right.
4. Pretend to be always wrong, because fake friends love to feel smarter.
5. Trick people to say yes more often, so that they will be trained to say yes to you.

6. Pretend to be selfless and good.
7. Pretend that your fake friends are smart.
8. Pretend to see and feel things like your fake friends.
9. Pretend that your own ideas are actually the best ideas of your fake friends.
10. Support every silly idea and desire of the people that you want to trick.

Apply those suggestions to your fake relationships and you will be able to trick people to buy stuff from you or make them do things that they never wanted to do. does not like Dale Carnegie, because he lived an illusion and never had real friends.

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Be happy. Talk with people.

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