Most Liked on Facebook from epSos is the social network service for all. Millions of women use it every day for hours. Most of the people never log out of Facebook. Those people travel around the Internet and click on the like buttons from Facebook, because they like to share good things with friends. The most liked content on Facebook is usually the same as on TV. People click the like buttons for pictures of famous people. They like the TV shows that they are watching. They share their favorite music and new movies. They like to share news and funny videos.

The advertisers love to use the users of Facebook for cheap marketing. The big companies are investing money into production of interesting entertainment. Those companies use very interesting tricks for creating attention. They create news, events, games, films and concerts that people can share on Facebook. Look at the big Red Bull company. They sell a drink with sugar and caffeine. They also own sport teams and organize funny competitions for normal people. They are doing this, because it is cheaper than buying advertising. Red Bull is creating content that people can talk about and share it on Facebook.

Look at Coca Cola. They are very rich. They know how to make money. They have earned money for many decades and survived competition, because they were adopting new technologies and new strategies. The good TV business is away. The rich newspapers are gone. The big business with analogue books is lost. The rich Internet is the King now and is the little prince of the Internet.

Coca Cola and any other major company must adapt to new rules and new technologies. The new rules are the rules of the social media. The people share what they love, like, hate or laugh about. Facebook is the new media for advertising. The strategies for marketing changed. The traditional advertising is not competitive anymore. Companies are forced to produce interesting content that people can share with friends, because it is cheaper than paying for their attention.

The rules of the new competition in social marketing are simple. Create anything that people want to share with friends. Anything that is funny, interesting, beautiful, surprising, unusual, fast or very useful. Publish the content and make it very easy for the people to share. Create like buttons for Facebook. Place the buttons very close to the pictures or the video. Make it simple and very visible.

Help the people to share and they will make you rich.

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his friends in college, in 2004. In the year 2007, the rich software company Microsoft purchased a 1.6% share of Facebook for $240 million. At that time, the total value of Facebook was 15 billion US Dollars. In 2011, became the most popular website in the world. The website became one of the biggest businesses in the universe, because people love Facebook. They love to communicate and to share with other people like them. Phone calls and emails lost popularity. Comments, private massages, public chats and visible recommendations from friends became the new methods of communication. One comment on Facebook can lead to new conversations. One recommendation can create thousands of customers. The power of the popular people is stronger on the social network than it is on the street.

Like it or not. Facebook is where the people are. Facebook is where the people rule.

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Be happy. Talk with people.

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