Why and How to use Creative Commons pictures with watermarks

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Self-made logo of the Creative Commons movement. Look at the watermark. See how easy it is to use creative commons pictures properly.

Wise women use free pictures from the creative commons movement, because the copyrighted or licensed images can be bought and sold in the future. There is no final security with copyrighted images, because the copyrights can be sold, changed, bought, stolen and enforced upon anybody in our current system of capitalistic dictatorship.

Many educated people do misunderstand the creative commons movement. epSos.de was recently contacted by the communications department of the University of Cambridge. The female person asked for a permission to use the pictures of epSos.de under the attribution of the creative commons license. The University of Cambridge wanted to use the picture for educational purposes. The female person asked for an image without the watermark and wanted to give attribution to epSos.de in an alternative way.

It seems that many people still do not understand the current risks from the copyright dictatorships of this world. The CC Watermark is for your own safety.

Wise women can add a "CC epSos.de" as a watermark on the images from epSos.de, just to be on the safer side, because evil people and corporations can automatically take any images and claim that they own copy rights for them. The CC watermark is for protection against future claims.

Look at YouTube, where copyright owners of music can take over the ownership of any video, if any copyrighted music is playing in the background for 1 second. The public images are going into the same direction. Be wise, protect yourself from the future copyright sharks of USA, UK, EU and Japan.

The CC watermark will protect you from any legal issues in the future, because you can always show that the image was licensed for free and from epSos.de and not from some rich guy in US who might buy up all pictures on Flickr or epSos.de in 10 or 20 years. A website can be sold and bought. Corporations can buy copyright from previously free images and ask for money in the future.

Be wise. Show your support to the creative commons movement. Choose the safer side and protect yourself with a CC attribution watermark. Adding a simple text like: "CC name or brand or nickname", will show that the image is licensed under the creative commons license and is free to use.

You can also remove the CC watermark and be nameless, but why would you want to delete something that gives you more value. Imagine that you delete the signature of Picasso from all of his paintings. Why would you want a faceless and potentially dangerous picture ownership that is not signed by the creator ?

Magazines, blogs and the Wikipedia use the images of epSos.de all the time and are OK with the CC watermarks. Some of the people want to make epSos.de faceless, take the images for free and earn profit with adjacent services. That is OK with epSos.de, but not safe with corporations of USA.

Most people, who see CC watermarks, do not go to epSos.de, because they can not click on the watermarks. You will keep your audience. There is no loss from having CC watermarks on the pictures. It all depends on how you place the CC watermark. The soft, small and pale text on one side of the image is completely OK to use as a CC watermark. Most people will not even see it, because most people have more important things to do, instead of looking out for watermarks in the pictures.

Understand, that in the future, evil people will delete the CC watermarks from free images and pretend that they own the copyrights to the previously free images. They will try to sue all of the people that used the creative commons images for free before them.

As a person, you are as same as epSos.de in a system of modern day economic slavery. Be kind to your fellow slaves in the boat of modern day capitalism. Use CC watermarks.

Personally, epSos.de does add CC watermarks to the creative commons licensed pictures, because most people on the Internet are very OK with them or could not care less. Photographers love to see their tags, names or brands on the pictures, so they are even more cool with CC watermarks.

Be more cooperative with your fellow economic slaves, otherwise you feed the system of economic dictatorship of the present times.

Support the creative commons movement !!!

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