Our Wealth and the Economic Competition of the Machine Owners against the People without Tools.

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Every day the machines work. They create something. Their owners do create products and services. They create valuable products for society. The owners of the machines and tools are earning income. The people who do not use the machines or any digital tools are competing against the people who do.

It is very easy to see who would win in such a competition of the single working person against the machine.

The similar transition process did happen in the past, when the farmers with tractors did compete against the farmers with horses.

The economic value is created when we create something more useful for our daily life.

In the past epSos.de had to use the mind and the manual energy to create economic value.
Today, the robots, the machines, and the AI tools help us to create more value without the use of any manual effort. Or even create magic in the case of the AI tools that calculate impressive solutions that we would never be able to create with our mind alone.

The economic value of the human mind and the human physical labor is decreasing, when the machines can do the same task that the people do.

What gets more and more valuable is the human creativity and the ability to use the machines or the digital tools for the creation of products and services that are more affordable. The advanced technology and machines are replacing the old manual jobs that only use the human mind or the body for the creation of the economic value.

We are now entering the development stage of humanity where the machines and the cheap electrical energy for those machines is creating more economic value than the people can do. There is a short term conflict in this technological stage. The people who do not change their jobs fast enough are left with less or no income. They have to compete with the machines, if their job is manual. Or if the mental tasks of their job are slowly being automated away.

The digital tools and machines do create benefits and a lot of wealth. More wealth than the people alone can create. We do benefit a lot from the machines and digital tools every day.

There are tasks and jobs that are only possible to solve with the help of large machines for construction. Large data analytics do require powerful digital tools. Only the powerful digital AI could analyze complex patterns in a large set of DNA information. This can create magic results for the medicine, longevity and science. Many projects are impossible without machines and digital tools.

What is the problem ? The problem is when the people are competing with the machines and digital tools without any access to their own tools that would increase their productivity.

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The countries with more machines and cheap energy can produce more products for less. They can compete faster and cheaper. The countries without machines and digital tools are left behind. The infrastructure and the social wealth is moving to the places where the owners of the machines live.

In this competition there is no justice, but their is a solution. If it is possible to split the value creation process in small tasks, then it is possible to compete.

If the good epSos.de creators with basic machines can combine their effort in an organized process, then we can create complex economic value in separated tasks. The small Japanese workshops are a good example for that. Different workshops do produce different parts of the complex product. The large factories do produce everything in one place. The small workshops have to collaborate a lot. The simplicity of the collaboration is the factor that can make the poor countries and locations more competitive against the large scale use of machine in the rich places.

The 100 small scale farmers can open a food market with a few employees that sell their food. There is value in the collaboration. Any tool that makes collaboration simple can also increase the wealth for the poor societies.

Solar panels generate electricity for the very low cost. This electricity can be used for the ventilator in the hot room. There is an economic value in this. The machines + the cheap electricity does create the value and personal wealth for us. In that hot room there could be a good ultrasonic humidifier that creates cold air. A fridge for the cold drink. The washing machine to clean the pants. An efficient electrical rice cooker to make the dinner. The LED lights for reading. The mobile phone to call business contacts and to make cheaper purchases. All of this personal wealth can be created by the cheap electricity and the cheap machines that create comfort and personal wealth for us.

Another example are the large construction machines that use energy to build the buildings, bridges and roads faster than the human hands can do alone. There is the economic value that is created by the machines that build our buildings, bridges, tunnels and roads.

Where will this technological evolution process end ? Where will this natural development go. We know that the machines will create more and more personal wealth for the humans. We know the the value of the manual human work will be less and less. We know that the mental work of the human will be less and less competitive against the AI tools.

What will stay the same is the creativity and the collaboration of the human with the machines and the digital tools. The creative use of the machines is what will be the task of the human. The machine itself can not react to the fast change in demand or popular trends. Good creativity, combination and collaboration skills is what will be very useful in the age when the machines do everything cheaper and faster. New tools will create new opportunities to create more social and economic value.

We live on the beautiful planet. We live during the very prosperous time. We have more and more cheap products on our planet.
More and more wealth is created. We can be happy and grateful about that !

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Happy Long Life and Good Health to You !

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