Short Hair Styles for Megan Fox

Deeply sleeping Megan Fox dived into the happy dream of beautiful women with blonde and brunette hair. She dreamed to wear new haircut designs for short hair styles. In her dream, she was in a green garden with her family. They were drinking African tea from delicate Indian cups and ate fruits from a large, pink box. Her mother seemed to be different. Her hair was violet and cropped. Megan had never seen her like this. Surprisingly, her sister's hair was blonde, short and spiky. She was different, modern and very professional. More women entered the garden. They were wearing elegant, red dresses and had all the same women's haircuts for short hair styles. Megan began to feel uneasy in her dream. She began to feel that she was one of the women in red dresses.

The dream of Megan Fox changed suddenly. She was falling deeper into the labyrinth of her consciousness. The green trees of the garden became yellow. Her mother ran into a field, where she began to play with white kittens of Sleeping Megan looked up. She noticed that the ceiling was decorated with gold, like an Asian temple of the princess Ariel. She heard silent steps and turned around. Petite, Asian women with beautiful hair styles for short women entered the room. They walked slower than a snail and with a carefulness of a cat. The petite women approached Megan with a shy smile. They held small baskets with white flowers. One of the women put her hand into the basket and pulled out a secret photo album with pictures of short hair styles for women.

The secret photo album was offered silently to Megan Fox. She took it gently from the small woman's hand and thanked her. The petite, Asian women went away with a silent laughter. She opened the album. A photo of her mother was on the first page. The mother appeared to be much younger. She was wearing one of the latest women's haircuts for short hair styles. Megan turned the page. A smiling face of her sister in a photo surprised her. She was looking almost exactly as her mother. She had the same short haircut as her mother. Megan's hands began to shake. She turned the page. Her own face with the same short haircut looked at her. She turned the page again. An unknown, but very familiar face looked at her from the photo. Megan turned the pages and looked at all the other round faces in the strange photo album. Some faces looked like Megan's mother. Others looked like her sister or herself. The photo album was full with funky, punky, layered styles for straight, oily hair. Megan dropped the photo album, because she finally understood that the familiar faces with the cute, short hair styles in the pictures were her own unborn children.

Megan's smiling mother and sister gathered around her. She felt very close to them. She felt their warmth around her shoulders. Together, they looked at the mysterious album. The petite Asian women entered the room again. They began to throw white blossoms into air. Their playful laughter became louder.

Colorful fantasies about short hair styling ideas flooded Megan's head. She felt that the dream was trying to tell her something important. The white flowers, the spiritual place, her family, the feelings of love were giving ideas to her, but she could not understand them. She felt that she is changing herself, but she did not understand what it was. Her belly began to grow. She looked down. Her belly was round and pregnant. The petite Asian women gathered around her. Megan Fox felt happy and very excited. Her mother took the mystical photo album of the short hair styling techniques and turned to the last two pages. There, Megan Fox saw her answer to the dream.

The pages showed herself wearing the latest wedding hair styles for short hair cuts. In the pictures, she was a pregnant bride with a long white dress and with a short hair style under a transparent veil. It was very unusual and strange, because she did never wear short, new hair styles for women before.

Megan looked at her mother and sister. They smiled at her. They looked beautiful and lovely. Her mother began to hug her. Megan looked at the pictures. Her sister leaned to her ear and said: "I hope to get an invitation to your wedding soon." The colors became blurred. The voices became distant.

The strange dream suddenly ended. Bright yellow light of the sunrise shined through her orange curtains. Megan woke. She did not remember her dream. Her head felt heavy and tired. She smiled without knowing why. She was pleased. She felt happy and thought about her mother without knowing the reason.

Megan Fox stood up slowly. Her long haircut was messy. She scratched her head and went into the kitchen, where she prepared green tea for herself. She sat down into her comfortable chair and starred at the window. She wanted to do something new for herself. She stretched her gentle arm in the direction of the table and took her light, mobile phone. She called a number and waited for someone to answer.

The phone remained silent, until a male voice answered. The man said: "Yes, I miss you too". Megan Fox started to smile for no reason. She asked, if her boyfriend Leo was able to meet her for lunch, because she wanted to surprise him. He agreed to eat with her, if she would surprise him gently. She kissed the air and ended the conversation.

Megan remained still for five minutes, before she called another number. She called her personal hairdresser Frederico and made an appointment. Four hours later, Megan Fox walked out of the beauty salon. Her elegance was changed completely. She was wearing one of the new, short hair styles for girls and young mothers. She felt refreshed and very positive about her future, because she finally found courage to ask her Chinese lover Leo to marry her.

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