Foto of Recycling Trash Containers for Waste Disposal

Recycling of trash is a successful business. It has two main sources of revenue. It can be set up as a waste management within urban or industrial areas and receive money from governmental or private customers. Garbage collectors often recycle scrap metal, plastic bottles, broken glass and used paper. The colorful containers in this photo are used in the beautiful park of Singapore. Visitors of the park use the trash bins for disposal of waste into the garbage cans that like to eat solid scrap metals and papers. Later the recyclable materials are collected, sorted out and sold to recycler companies that build expensive products from recycled trash.

Recycling of waste existed before modern civilization. During periods when resources were scarce, waste was recycled into new materials. Dust and ash from wood and coal fires was collected for making bricks. Bronze and other metals were collected for reuse. The main advantage for these types of recycling was an economic advantage over other methods of mining or making. Recycling creates affordable materials. Material collection is an active type of nature conservation that helps to overcome scarcity of limited natural resources.

Short list of average energy savings for recycled materials: Aluminium 95%, Cardboard 24%, Glass 25%, Paper 40%, Plastics 70%, Steel 60%. Recycling saves money, energy and nature.

Colorful trash cans for garbage collection improve the neighborhoods, because a visit to the dumpster becomes like a game for happy people who like to separate junk from other valuable materials and put them into the correct dumpster containers. The whole process of recycling starts at the wastebaskets and makes rubbish into something valuable or useful. It is magic. It is social. It is profitable. It is easy.

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