Positive Facts about Recycling and Waste Management

Colorful trash containers help to keep the streets cleaner. Women are more likely to throw their trash into the garbage cans, when the trash receptacles are within a short distance. Less rubbish on the streets helps the children to feel more happy and safe. Clean cities have less crime, because the clean environment helps the men to think more positive about their life.

Recycling is a very profitable business. Aluminum, glass and scrap metal can be recycled infinitely. Recycled metals, papers and glass are cheaper than new ones. They often have the same or better quality and help to reduce production costs of cars, trains and homes. Disposing paper into the blue recycling trash containers helps to save the trees. Every woman can save 2 or 3 trees per year, if all of the paper from the waste of this woman would be recycled. Yes that is right ! Every time we recycle paper, valuable lives of ancient trees are saved.

Recycling is a long process that often starts with disposal of garbage. Waste disposal costs money. Waste management systems help to reduce the costs of trash. Integrated waste management includes the complete process of managing waste. Garbage collection of trash from the dumpster bins is just the first step. The garbage trucks collect trash from the the garbage cans and transport it to the automatic recycling center. The magic place where recyclable materials are separated and sorted out. Robotic hands, electric magnets, lasers and powerful air streams are used to sort out the trash. The friendly robotic machines became very good at sorting out of the trash. Their efficiency improves waste recycling that helps to reduce the number of landfills and protects the nature that we need to survive.

One woman's trash is another woman's money, because there is a lot of valuable garbage in the world. Sometimes the disposal of waste is rewarded with money, because the recycling center can sell the materials and pay back to the women who sorted out the trash into the colorful plastic garbage containers. On the other side, waste and trash is very expensive. Especially for festivals and concerts that have to use rental dumpsters from a waste collection company.

Remember that every recycled plastic bottle can save a happy baby that can breathe fresh air, instead of toxic gases from poisonous landfills and dangerous incineration plants.

The picture of colorful trash containers for recycling is from epSos.de. It can be used for free under the creative commons license. The original photo is on FlickR.com.

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