How to Start a SEM Business

This article is for smart women who want to start a SEM business (search engine marketing). The article is also aimed at talented guys with interest in PPA (Pay Per Action) and affiliate programs.

Explore the Opportunities

The fist step of any successful business is to analyze, and explore the market. To find out what offers are out there, wise women will have to register at PPA offering websites like, Google's Adsense or at for digital products.

After you register you should choose a product or at least a market that you want to be active in. Just look at the offers and categories and pick the best one that goes in line with your interest or the preference for a product that you already know !

Apply to Merchants

After you pick the offers of your choice, you just apply to become an affiliate of a merchant. Do try to pick your merchants in accordance to the quality of their websites and landing pages that do represent their products, so that the customers will be happy and most important willing to buy a product from a clean, trustworthy website like

Keep in mind that you might need to replicate the look of the merchant's website that you will be sending customers to. So if the website looks too complex or too ugly, you might just want to leave it alone for a while.

Build Landing Pages or Ads

After you have the permission of the merchant to advertise for a product, you just need to build an ad that will make a first impression on the customer who needs the product.

The type and complexity of the ad or the landing page for the product depends on the price of the product and the information that the people are expecting to get before they buy this product.

Most important is that you have to keep your landing page very clean, understandable and attractive to the customer. You need to make sure that the customers receive a sample of the information that they will see at the website of the merchant. Make sure that your affiliate links to the offer are very appealing and visible like

Basically your landing page might consist of one product picture, main product features, valuable details and some very appealing links to the affiliated merchant of your choice. If you do already have pages about the product, you just need to place affiliate links on this pages. Do make it visible and appealing to click.

Connect Customers to Merchants

Once you have build your ads or landing pages you will have to send potential buyers to them. Think of the people who need the product, think where they are what they search online before they buy the product. Do have a little brainstorming or just search keyword databases to find out what people are searching for.

Most likely you will have to pay for the potential buyers. The simple way is just to register at a web service that is selling ad space online. Cool women use services like Google's Adwords or Adbrite, YPN or some other services where clever women can buy ad space very easy. There are various opportunities like search traffic, ad space on content heavy websites or just some links in newsletters. Choose your own favorite channel that will help you to connect potential buyers to your landing pages or the products of your friendly affiliated merchant.

Keep in mind that you only need people who really need or want to buy the product, so please do limit your advertising efforts to the people who desire, deserve and need it. See it as a helpful service for people who need the product !

Analyze and Review

At the start of any new ad campaign you should monitor your returns of investment very close. After about 100 people have been visiting your landing page or have seen your ad, you should see if your concept is working or if you need to change something.

Do change or improve at least something to see how the change will effect your numbers, statistics and metrics.

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