¿ Fun Question ? : Could an army or mirrors melt the fortress of the evil king ?

The sun has the ultimate power. The sun sends us free energy and light every day. On the hot and sunny day, the strong sunshine can melt the chocolate, the candle wax and the weak plastic. The curious mind of epSos.de asked the interesting question about the use of the power of the sunshine as a weapon against an evil king that stole a beautiful princes from her home castle on the river.

The location of the story is in the hot desert of North Africa. In the land that existed long before Egypt. There lived the good people on the south end of the river Nile. Their region was rich in silver, copper and gold. The good people were making jewelry and silver mirrors that they sold to the traders of Africa, India and the Mediterranean region. Their region of 3 cities became rich and prosperous. There were rich river farmers. There were rich traders. There were many small factories that produced polished silver mirrors and the metal jewelry for the international traders.

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