The negative reaction of our mind is automatic and often wrong.

Here is a good personal riddle for our mind.

¿ Are we programmed to have the negative reaction to everything. Or are we programmed to be positive to everything ?

One possible example. The nice person invites us to the social event on the Sunday in 5 weeks. We know that we have a lot of things to do during that week. We are not sure, if we can come or not.

What is happening in our mind during the time that we think about the invitation. Our mind is trying to construct all the possible negative options that can prevent us from attending the social invitation. We like the person and we want to go. Our mind should be constructing the positive options, instead of constructing the impossible options that will tell us that we can not go. Why is our mind creating problems first, instead of creating solutions that we want ?

The third eye of our brain.

Why is our mind trying to construct all the possible negative options for the possible future. Are we programmed to do this naturally ? We know it is not good. We know that we should be more happy and more positive in life. Why does our mind try to predict the most complicated and complex negative results, or the possible negative situations in the future. Why does the mind focus on the negative options first ?

Why does our mind focus on the possible negative option or situation in the future, when that negative option is more complex, and more difficult to be real, than the positive option that we actually want to make real. Like the option for going to the nice invitation next month, when we already know that we have the full month busy for work and other activities on weekends.

Why do we think about the impossible options, instead of just saying: Yes, I would like to go. That would be interesting, if it is possible. The option to have something positive is often not the first thing that the mind is suggesting. It is like an error of our biological construction. It is natural and it is wrong, because nobody can know all the possible situations in the future. Why does our mind do the complicated work to predict the possible negative future, before we make decisions ?

The answer to this complex issue can be complex and very personal.

It is possible that we have the personal trauma from the past. It is possible that the negative thoughts are from our evolution, when our biological ancestors were trying to survive among the large tigers, dangerous monkeys and lions. It is possible that our parents did constantly warn us about the dangers of the world, when they were afraid about our safety during our early childhood. The parents might have programmed us to think the negative thoughts first, because they were trying to teach us all the possible dangers in our environment, instead of teaching us something positive. Parents have to protect their children. That is their job. The wrong part of this is when we program our children to think the negative option first, because we want to protect them from all the possible things that are around them.

When we see a proposal that could have a very positive result, we often think for how the proposal could fail. It is like a trap. We should be thinking instead for how we could try to make our interesting idea work, instead of thinking that it might never work.

Helpful video about the mind.

Here is an interesting example:

Let us grow forests on the planet of Mars. It is an interesting proposal. What are the first thoughts that come into the mind. Are those thoughts negative to the proposal ? Why ? Observe how the mind is trying to construct the most negative options first. It is trying to think about the possible errors, dangers and difficulties.

We see the negative option first for no logical reason. What if we skip all of that and say: "That would be interesting !". Let us see for how that might work in reality. Let us try to do that. Let us imagine for how that would be possible in simple steps. What do we need to make it possible. This type of thinking is more productive and more useful in life. Our mind is not natural in this process. We have to train our mind to be less negative, when we want to have better life.

The negative thoughts can create conflict in our social life, when our brain is constantly producing the negative response to every conversation or suggestion, or comment, or idea. We often create situations and judgement in our mind, because the mind is trying to predict the possible negative result. It can create a lot of conflict during conversations with other people, if we automatically focus on the possible negative option, instead of being neutral and curious about the possible positive options at first.

The good antidote solution to that constant drama would be to keep the inner joy.

Repeat this mantra:

Keep the joy in life. Focus on the positive and productive. There are many good things on our planet to enjoy.

Such a short mantra can help our mind to think about the possible positive options first, instead of being in the trap for the repeated calculation of the negative options from every conversation, proposal, news, personal experience, personal failure, hard days, difficult situations, etc...

Be happy, Have a Good Day !

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Be happy. Talk with people.

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