Why women like Ubuntu

Epsos.de always wonders why smart women prefer Ubuntu. This short article gives good reasons why talented women prefer Ubuntu over other operating systems.

Software Simplicity

1. Installing Ubuntu is as easy as if it was designed to enable a seven year old child to install software on a laptop of a busy mother.

2. Useful software for daily purposes is a standard part of Ubuntu. Productive women use Ubuntu for daily desires like text editing, music, movie or photo editing.

3. Finding and installing new software, tools and games is as easy as typing a software name or description in the search field of Ubuntu's Synaptic package manager, which is also a favorite tool of Epsos.de

Useful Usability

4. Using and managing Ubuntu is very intuitive, because it is designed for and by the users who like simplicity.

5. Reading large documents becomes easy with Ubuntu, because it even remembers and displays the last page that the user was reading before closing the document.

6. Managing files and pictures is as easy as clicking. Sophisticated women can search, arrange, delete, restore and even bookmark files in Ubuntu's file manager.

7. Female users find Ubuntu very handy, because hardware, like a printer, digital camera or new data storage is recognized and connected into system automatically.

Time Advantage

8. Speed and performance saves a lot of time for a demanding woman who uses Ubuntu.

9. Achieving things fast is made easy, because Ubuntu's build-in functionality makes it easy to create, read or find pictures, texts and documents.

10. Lengthy modification of system and software settings is the past, because Ubuntu is optimised for daily use by default.

And finally, women are more suitable to use Ubuntu, because they are less addicted to games that require Windows. This really explains why Ubuntu contains a set of card and table games by default.

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